5T Wealth Management LLC (5T Wealth) is an investment advisor registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). We are located in California’s beautiful Napa Valley.  We serve clients throughout the United States including individual investors, family trusts, charitable trusts, retirement plans and endowments.

Among our clients there is significant diversity in age, location and life style. However, the overwhelming majority of our clients are owners of their own businesses or retired from running their own business.

We provide a broad range of services from actively managing client’s financial assets to assisting them in achieving their long term goals and objectives related to total wealth management, including tax, legal, trusts and estate planning solutions. 5T Wealth often teams up with the finest lawyers and accountants to provide total wealth management solutions.

In addition to the services listed above we offer Family Office Services to clients who meet the minimum portfolio requirement and who are seeking such services. In some cases we serve three generations of family members.

We have a very simple and straight forward MISSION STATEMENT:

To be the trusted primary investment advisor for individuals, families and institutions who are seeking long term financial security and wish to use their personal and financial resources to make their lives more meaningful and productive for themselves and their community.

5T Wealth is highly regarded for its investment results and level of commitment to its clients. Our clients understand that we manage their money like it was our own and that we care for them like they were members of our family.

The assets that we manage are predominately invested in portfolios that may contain stocks, bonds, cash and exchange traded funds (ETF’s) that represent asset classes across the spectrum of domestic and foreign choices. Certain portfolios may also contain currencies, precious metals and employ options strategies. We are not classic “asset allocators” however. We prefer to think of ourselves as opportunistic investors and traders. We always say that we like to own what is going up and avoid what is going down.

We offer a very different value and service proposition than many financial services firms you will come across. To understand us better take the time to read our Investment Management page.

We invite you to tour our website by using all the tabs above to meet our team, better understand our company, including all the managed portfolios we offer, our family office services, retirement services, and our client communications including our highly regarded newsletter called ELLUMINATION.
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5T Wealth

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