This newsletter contains some of the most important and exciting news regarding 5T since we founded the company in 1998.

We are pleased to announce a merger between 5T Wealth Management, LLC (5T) and Quish & Co LLC (QCo), which will take effect on July 1, 2016. QCo is merging into 5T and the combined companies will be known as 5TQ Capital, LLC. (5TQ Capital).

This merger represents a pooling of the expertise of two highly regarded private wealth management firms.  They serve high net worth and ultra-high net worth families through the day to day administration and management of family affairs as well as sophisticated, comprehensive wealth management and problem solving for multiple generations of families.

The merger of 5T and QCo will bring additional financial, retirement, business and succession planning expertise to the combined firm (5TQ Capital). It will also allow us to enhance current wealth management strategies and introduce new strategies for all of our clients.

5T is based in Napa, Ca. and operates as an independent Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), founded in 1998, and regulated by the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC).

QCo is a Boulder, CO based RIA which was founded in 2008.

The headquarters of 5TQ Capital will remain at 595 Coombs Street, Napa, CA, 94559, 707-224-1340.

5TQ Capital will also continue to operate the office at 1123 Spruce Street, Suite 303, Boulder, CO, 90302, 303-589-8475.

It is not an overstatement to say that we see this as a "golden opportunity" for our clients and the the future of 5TQ. Jeff Roush and I were discussing the merger Tuesday morning and agreed that we now have the deepest, most experienced, most committed team that 5T (soon to be 5TQ Capital) has ever experienced. All of the partners are industry veterans, blessed to have made our careers doing what we love, which is working to help our clients achieve their life goals.

We share common values both professionally and personally. We have come to value each other and just as importantly, we enjoy each other's company. Taking in a new business partner is just as serious a commitment as getting married. It should not be done lightly and only when you are certain it will last a lifetime.

We are now working with up to four generations in particular families. That means we may have clients in a family that are 88, 68, 48, 21, and 18, all within the same family. With the age range of the partners in 5TQ, we are building a firm that will be here to serve generations for decades to come.

Paul Krsek is not retiring

Recently we have begun to introduce the concept of the merger to clients as we had the opportunity to meet with them personally. These meetings have also been an opportunity to introduce Govinda Quish, one of the founders of QCo.   The impressions have been extremely positive and we look forward to the time when every one of you has the opportunity to meet both Govinda and Mariah Quish as we move forward together in serving you.

Govinda will be taking over as Chief Investment Officer of 5TQ. Upon hearing that there has been some inclination from a few of 5T's clients to suspect I am planning to retire, that is not the case. If anything my personal energy, spirit and commitment has been boosted even further by events of the past couple of years and I intend to continue to serve all of our clients for years to come.

Bringing Jeffrey Roush into 5T as a partner has been a total blessing. He is so experienced in many facets of our industry that he brings enormous assets to our clients and the team. We quickly found a kinship which has deepened through the process of building the firm together.

We have also brought some wonderful young talent to 5T in the past year. We have staff in their 20's and 30's who are not yet partners, but could easily be in the future.

This year Hien Scozzafava became a partner because she is invaluable to our clients and to us. She is intensely devoted to serving our clients. She has a caring and joyful style that everyone values and enjoys.

I have been blessed to work with my wonderful wife since we started 5T. That is rare and it inspires me every day.

I am looking forward to my role evolving as I take the title of CEO at 5TQ. I will not have to spend all day, every day dealing with investment decisions because of this new experienced team. Therefore, I will have a lot more time to spend with all of you, our clients.

Our continued mission is to enhance and deepen our relationship with each one of you as we advise and guide you in achieving your family goals.

We look forward to continuing to provide you with further details as we progress on this path together. We welcome all your communications, questions and inquiries, should you have any on this announcement.

How will 5T and QCo Clients Benefit from the Merger?

By combining 5T and QCo clients of both firms instantly have access to more talent, expertise and depth in the management team of 5TQ Capital. This is true in every discipline including investment strategy, financial, retirement, business and succession planning; as well as client service and care and compliance.

All clients will be seeing much more emphasis on customized long term planning for each family we work with. This will include stronger collaborations between 5TQ and all of your other trusted advisors including legal, accounting and insurance. The combined 5TQ staffs are already hard at work improving and expanding services and results in every discipline.

Another benefit is that each firm will have a more impactful "succession strategy" in place, should something unforeseen happen to the principals of either firm.  However, let's be clear that no one is planning to retire any time soon. That includes Paul Krsek who will be the CEO of 5TQ Capital.

Govinda Quish and Paul Krsek are working hand in hand to expand the investment strategies of the combined firms. By the end of Q1 of 2016, the goal is to introduce at least three new strategies that are rooted in their combined vision of global market conditions over the next 12 to 24 months.

All of the new strategies will feature expert managers, well known to Govinda, from outside 5TQ. In each case 5TQ will enter into agreements with the managers to provide specific expertise within the proposed strategies.

The new strategies are all designed to enhance returns and reduce risk over time. 5T and QCo will be publishing their combined "Investment & Economic Outlook for 2016" in January. It will reveal further details of the new strategies and our outlook for the coming year.

The Principals of 5TQ Capital and their roles

The founders of 5T are Paul and Meghan Krsek, age 67 and 51, husband and wife.

The founders of QCo are Mariah and Govinda Quish, age 43 and age 42, sister and brother.

Jeffrey Roush, age 59, joined 5T as a member (partner) in 2014.

Hien Scozzafava, age 47, joined 5T in 2010 and became a member (partner) in 2015.

The Krseks, Quishs, Roush and Scozzafava will all be members (partners) in 5TQ Capital.

Paul Krsek will be Chief Executive Officer, (CEO) and Managing Member.

Meghan Krsek will be Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Director of Family Office Services.

Govinda Quish will be Chief Investment Officer (CIO) and Chair of the Investment Policy Committee.

Mariah Quish, CFP, will be Director of Financial Planning Services, Portfolio Manager and Director of the Boulder office.

Jeffrey Roush will be Chief Operating Officer and Chief Compliance Officer.

Hien Scozzafava will be Manager of Family Office Services and Wealth Management Client Services.

The Krseks, Govinda Quish, Jeffrey Roush and Hien Scozzafava will all continue to work primarily from the Napa office.

Mariah Quish will maintain the operations of the Boulder office.

Govinda Quish, Paul Krsek, Mariah Quish and Jeffrey Roush will serve as members of the Investment Policy Committee.

Phillip Lampe, age 28, joined 5T in 2014. He will also serve as a member of the Investment Policy Committee.

2016 is going to be a really good year!
All the best,


Paul Krsek
5T Wealth Management
(707) 603-2672 Office
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