Paul Krsek


In 1989 our founder, Paul Krsek, left his job as President and CEO of a Los Angeles based investment management firm because he was fed up with the self-serving culture of “Wall Street”. He set out to create the “Antidote to Wall Street”.

It is now 26 years later and nothing has changed his mind about that culture or the need for an antidote.

We are a wealth management and family office that was founded with a clear set of values including:  

• Our client’s interests always come first. If we serve them well our own success will follow.
• Our assets include our client relationships, our people, our capital and our reputations.
The loss of any one of these may be difficult to replace, particularly our reputation.

Our values vary greatly from what we perceive to be Wall Street’s values. In that world vested management and shareholders of public companies are often ranked number one and two in the pecking order, ahead of client interests. Large proprietary trading accounts for the benefit of the firm often take priority over client’s accounts and best interests.

This can create enormous conflicts. If you ever needed proof of concept just look back at many of the practices that led to the financial meltdown in 2008-2009.

We think you will enjoy the “Antidote to Wall Street”. 

Send your questions about 5T Wealth Management, LLC directly to our Founder, Paul Krsek.