Jeff Roush

Senior Partner
Chief Compliance Officer

Jeff serves as our Chief Compliance Officer and is responsible for business development in the areas of wealth management, financial planning and family office service.

Additionally, he is involved with 5T’s Investment Committee in forming investment policy, modeling and the selection and monitoring of external managers.

Beginning in 1989, Jeff’s career included executive management positions with Credit Suisse First Boston, Charles Schwab & Co., and Fidelity Investments.  

He was considered a key player in advisor relations while building multi-billion dollar custodial solutions serving advisors and their clients spanning investments, compliance, operations and administrative services.



By 1998 he transitioned directly to the advisory side with Assante, as the lead U.S. Executive responsible for acquiring and integrating Registered Advisory firms into a $28 billion business.

In 2000, he joined Harris Private Bank and acquired myCFO to became Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Harris myCFO and a member of one of the Bank Boards. Harris myCFO served over 100 ultra-affluent family offices with $20 billion in assets.  

In 2007, Jeff Co-founded Argos Wealth Advisors, LLC in Napa and in his role as Managing Partner and COO, helped build an investment consulting and multi-family office firm with over $870 million in assets under management.

Jeff joined our firm in 2014 after selling his equity interest in Argos to focus on his passion of building further family office clientele.

Jeff graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Wisconsin with a B.B.A. in business administration, finance and business law. He is also a graduate of the Callan College of Fiduciary Studies.