Hien Scozzafava

Hien Scozzafava

Chief Compliance Officer
Family Services Officer

The best description of Hien is probably “jack of all trades”. We have never found a job that Hien can’t do. That flexibility is invaluable in a small business and in an industry where change is constant. It is also critical in managing the affairs of multiple family office clients, all with very different needs and personalities.  

Hien also epitomizes “team work”. She comes to work every day with one agenda, that is to serve our clients to the best of her ability. Whatever that takes, and whoever that takes, are the resources she brings to the job.

In recognition of her incredible dedication Hien became a partner in 5T Wealth during 2016.

Prior to joining 5T Wealth Hien had been in the wealth management industry for approximately 15 years. She was originally with LPL Financial Services in Southern California and later with a wealth management firm in Marin County.

Hien and her family live in Marin County. 

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