Jessica Sartain

Jessica Sartain

Client Services Officer
Internal Fund Administrator
Marketing Manager

Imagine that you have decided to become a client of 5T Wealth. You have probably chosen us because of our reputation, our personal styles, a referral, dissatisfaction with a previous manager or a combination of several of these factors. You are convinced you have made the right decision but the process of moving your assets seems daunting, mysterious, scary or all of the above. Jessica Sartain is about to alleviate all of those concerns.

Jessica is the first person you will work with to accomplish all of the administrative and logistical tasks related to becoming a client at 5T Wealth. She is going to make it so easy that you are going to be surprised and relieved.

Jessica will remain one of your primary points of contact for all service and operational needs. Client satisfaction is of paramount importance to us.  

Before joining 5T Wealth Jessica worked in the banking industry for both Union Bank and Tamalpais Bank. She was heavily recruited to join our team.

Jessica’s caring, amiable and task oriented style is not only reflected in her work at 5T Wealth. It is also reflected in her work in her home community of Petaluma. She has volunteered for the Board of Petaluma Animal Services, American Heart Association and Canine Companions for Independence.

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