"The Antidote To Wall Street"

– Paul Krsek, CEO


What makes 5T Wealth, LLC
different from the traditional
Wall Street Brokerage firms and large banks?

  • Our client's interests always come first and foremost.
  • We eliminate conflicts of interest.
  • Our clients come first.

As opposed to public Wall Street Brokerage firms and large banks where:

  • Shareholders interests are often considered ahead of client interests.
  • Large institutional clients are often considered the most important clients.
  • Large proprietary trading accounts, managed for the benefit of the firm, may take priority over other client’s best interests.
  • Individuals or families (like you) may not be among the firm’s top priorities.

We have always focused on having client relationships.
We are not seeking customers.

The definition of the word Client from Merriam-Webster Dictionary (Since 1823)

  1. one that is under the protection of another
  2. a person who engages the professional advice or services of another 

The definition of the word Customer from Merriam-Webster Dictionary (Since 1823)

  1. one that purchases a commodity or service 
  2. an individual usually having some specified distinctive trait

Family Business In Napa Valley

5T Wealth, LLC is an independent investment advisor registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).
We are not affiliated with any broker/dealer or other institution. Therefore, we have total independence to be your advocate.

We believe we are unique in the way we work with our clients. They are like members of our family. Some of them have been with us for almost 30 years, which is the entire time we have practiced in the Napa Valley. We cherish these relationships and are just as loyal to them as they are to us.

We provide a broad range of services from actively managing client’s financial assets to assisting them in achieving their long-term goals and objectives related to total wealth management, including tax planning, succession and estate planning solutions.

In our efforts to help our clients work toward achieving their goals, 5T Wealth, LLC collaborates closely with our client’s other trusted advisors including lawyers and accountants to deliver holistic results.

We are located in California’s beautiful Napa Valley. We serve clients throughout the United States including individual investors, family trusts, charitable trusts, retirement plans and endowments.

In addition to the services listed above we offer Family Office Services to clients who meet the minimum portfolio requirement and who are seeking such services. In some cases, we serve three generations of family members.