"Our base case is that 2016 is likely to be marked by a higher level of volatility and overall lower average market returns than we have seen in recent years."
Ellumination, January 7, 2016

It is now five months later and our base case is playing out so far, just as expected. Stocks, in particular, have remained volatile and in the end have gone no where so far this year.

Rarely does one chart tell the story of a market as well as this one. It is called "Fed Balance Sheet Driving Asset Prices". The RED line shows the growth of the Federal Reserve Bank's balance sheet from January 2008 through Q1 of 2016. The BLUE line shows the progress of the S&P 500 over the same period of time. It is clear that stocks have risen during the periods when the Fed is pumping liquidity into markets through their "Quantitative Easing" programs (QE).

It is also clear that as each program ended the market trended sideways or retreated while waiting for more easing from the Fed.

QE-1, QE-2, Operation Twist, and QE-3 are now clearly in our rear view mirror, but they drove this index from a low of 666 in March of 2009 to a high of 2134 in May 2015. Stocks have not been able to advance further for over a year now.

5T has made it clear that we expect the market to have trouble moving higher from current levels. We also expect increased volatility for the foreseeable future. That is not to say that we are expecting a major collapse for stocks. We simply see an era of potentially very modest returns coupled with higher volatility.

5T believes that U.S. and global stock prices would be much lower had there not been so much QE on a global scale. All major central banks have used QE to inflate asset prices.

We present a second chart that helps to confirm why stock prices are not likely to advance much farther in the absence of massive QE. This chart and commentary are from BreakPointtrades.com.

The time frame on the chart is different from the one above. It shows market progress since October 1, 2011. The S&P 500 has risen 83.44% since then, while earnings of the companies that make up this index have actually FALLEN.

This chart is simply showing us that the entire move up in the S&P 500, during this period, is from "multiple expansion". That means the index has risen only because buyers have been willing to pay higher and higher prices for the same amount of earnings. This is never a sustainable trend. Either earnings will have to rise or stock prices will need to come down to bring the "price to earnings" ratio of the market back in line with historic norms.
The Shiller Price/Earnings ratio (SPE) is currently 26.2. That is 57.5% above the historic SPE mean of 16.7. Gurufocus.com estimates that the probable return for the S&P 500 will be -.2% over the next twelve months, based on historic trends when the SPE at this level.
At the present time only Energy stocks and Financial stocks are priced at significant discounts to the overall market. Both sectors remain depressed for specific reasons.

Energy stocks are weighed down by uncertainty over the future of oil prices. 5T does not see significant upside for the price of oil over the next twelve months. On the other hand, supply/demand dynamics for natural gas seem to be changing in favor of rising prices over the next 12-24 months.
Financial stocks continue to feel the pinch of low interest rates. It is difficult for banks and insurers alike to expand profits in an environment where both short term and long term rates are near all time lows.
The Industrial sector is priced at a small discount to the overall market. However, within the sector there are some bargains to be had.
5T's believes that if investors own stocks (are long) in today's market it is important to be picking stocks, rather than indexing. The time to index is when ALL stocks are cheap.
5T also believes that it is the perfect time to diversify your portfolio away from being "long only" common stocks.
Owning a "long/short" strategy that can profit from moves that are either up or down makes sense to us.
Owning alternative assets that are not at all correlated to the price movement of stocks makes sense to us.
Three of our newest investment strategies are designed to provide alternatives to a "long only" stock portfolio. 
If we haven't already talked to you about these strategies, we will soon. We are intending to meet with every client we have to provide an overview of them as well as a more detailed overview of all current conditions in financial markets. We will also be discussing suitability for the new strategies with each client family during our meeting. 
5T believes that investors can make solid returns over the next 12-24 months, but those returns are probably not going to be derived from conventional strategies.


Two weeks ago we adopted an amended operating agreement for 5T Wealth Management, LLC which will become effective July 1, 2016. At that time Govinda Quish will officially become the fifth partner in 5T and will officially assume the title Chief Investment Strategist.

We will also be changing the name of our company to 5TQ Capital, LLC on July 1st.

Govinda has been acting as Chief Investment Strategist since January 1. It will become official on July 1. He has been hard at work designing strategies that should benefit all of 5T clients.

Hien Scozzafava was admitted as a partner in 5T as of the signing of the amended agreement.

Jeff Roush, Meghan Krsek and Paul Krsek are extremely pleased to welcome both Govinda and Hien into the partnership.

5T and Quish & Co. have decided not to merge. Mariah Quish will continue to run Quish & Co. in Boulder, Colorado, with no connection to or affiliation with 5T. We wish Mariah the very best and lots of success with her company.

We all look forward to seeing Govinda meet all of our clients.

Those of you who know Hien, and would like to congratulate her on partnership can reach her at hien@5twealth.com.

We look forward to see you soon.

Paul Krsek, Jeff Roush and Govinda Quish


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